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Cold Alert! - 5 Tissue Pack

Cold Alert! - 5 Tissue Pack

SKU: 0862106000007

Stay home or see a doctor? Cold Alert Tissues are specially designed to indicate bacterial infections vs. viral infections. Developed by a fellow dog show enthusiast and human doctor, Cold Alert can be used by anyone who is experiencing respiratory illness symptoms. After using the tissue to blow your nose into, it will indicate within 30 seconds of use (by turning RED) if you should seek antibiotics through medical care or if you should quarantine yourself in the case of a virus (tissue will not change color without the presence of bacteria). Cold Alert can also be used for your DOG, CAT, HORSE, GOAT, and more! Not only can Cold Alert be used on nasal discharge, it can also be used TOPICALLY for skin infections! Package includes 5 tissues that stay usable as long as they are stored correctly in their original packaging, in a dark place, out of direct sunlight. Drug free and safe for all ages.

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