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Sorbay - Pet Oral Care mist - 2oz

Sorbay - Pet Oral Care mist - 2oz

SKU: 0336391000023

SORBAY Pet Oral Care Mist eliminates cat and dog tartar and ugly pet breath...The SORBAY Technology is a patented blend of active ingredients which has been shown to undermine canine and feline tartar and facilitate the removal of these tartars from the teeth...The three actives are citric acid, tannic acid, and sodium lauryl sulfate....All are found in nature and all have FDA approved uses in food products....The mist formulation is intended only for pet oral care....It is a water solution which includes an artificial sweetener. acesulfame K as a means for improving taste....A toxicological study has been conducted and there were no negative indications... HOW TO USE:**ALL THAT IS REQUIRED IS TO BRING THE SORBAY MIST IN CONTACT WITH TARTAR***It may be applied to the tartar directly from the mist bottle in which it is supplied or a small clean swatch of soft fabric may be moistened with the Sorbay Mist and then rubbed on the teeth...2 oz size...THIS IS A TRULY AMAZING PRODUCT!! Should start seeing results after 2 weeks depending on amount of tarter removal necessary**

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